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"This languidly paced jazz vehicle is a fundamentally emotional experience - This Time´s production is also radio-perfect, and its aesthetic suggests new possibilities for the genre." (THE AKADEMIA) THIS TIME just won the American AKADEMIA AWARD in the category JAZZ for the month of April - thank you so much!!! The Akademia Award,, 2018
"It's this variety that makes the evening so exciting, you never know what's coming next, bright pop over gargling rock accompaniment or fast jazz. Only the funk stays the constant companion in almost every song, sometimes hidden sometimes offensive: The petite girl from Wolfratshausen not only fills the stage with her clear voice and her full, soft saxophone sound. Serenely she prances between her bandmates and infects the audience. " Leonard Scharfenberg, Süddeutsche Zeitung, 2018
"A fantastic album, somewhere in the intersection of Candy Dulfer, Jamie Cullum and Norah Jones." (XAVER magazine, 5 * rating) XAVER Magazin, XAVER Maazin, 2018
"Something very special." (PopScene, Music-Tip) PopScene, PopScene, 2018
Her compositions are peppered with gripping grooves alternating with insightful beats and great lyrics. The whole sound is produced great by Master Steve Greenwell, but wisely and always bearing Lottermoser's own handwritten sound. "This Time" Stephanie Lottermoser shows to everyone where the saxophone hangs: loosely around her neck, almost hovering, she plays the hell out of it and delights the audience. Feet are shaking,the fingers flicking and it´s difficult to sit still until then the one or other ballad is played. The vocals of her songs are also first class, a short breath before the next big bang. At her live presentation at Nightclub/Bayerischer Hof Stephanie Lottermoser put it one step further. Compared to the CD the whole sound package was a little snottier, groovier and, above all, edgier. Half her life she is already successfully on German stages and has asserted herself as an independent saxophonist. With "This Time" she is now in the starting for an international breakthrough. Nothing is missing and the way for big stages is open to her. Stephanie Lottermoser goes right on "This Time"! Thomas J. Krebs, JazzZeitung, 2018
As a young and pretty woman who not only sings or plays saxophone, but does both, Stephanie Lottermoser is outstanding from the already male-dominated jazz scene in general. Her jazz is soul-primed, her songwriting is pop-oriented. THIS TIME - finesses and well-crafted tensions between ballads and uptempo songs. Oliver Hochkeppel, Süddeutsche Zeitung, 2018
The signs are good for an international breakthrough. Lottermoser offers ten fluffy, feather-light songs in the wide field of tension between jazz grooves and pop harmonies, all with a remarkable depth. She cleverly interweaves quotes from her great heroes and convinces with love for details as well as a brightly colored acoustic panopticon. The only question is how the 34-year-old wants to be perceived with this work? As a German Candy Dulfer? As a singing fusion saxophonist? As a singer / songwriter with excellent instrumental skills? She has something of all that. The only thing left for the women to do is to decide which market gap she wants to slip into. Reinhard Köche, Jazzthing, 2018
"... an international competitive production with top professionals working on that album as you can hear. Really a big hit for Stephanie Lottermoser. Her very versatile appearing saxophone characterizes the album! You can tell that the woman can also write, because besides one song all the music was composed by her." Claus Kruesken, Bayern2, 2018
"Except for Everyday People / Freedom Jazz Dance written by Sly Stone and Eddie Harris, all songs of THIS TIME were written and composed by Stephanie Lottermoser herself, which is unquestionably impressive. Steve Greenwell produced Stephanie Lottermoser's album THIS TIME with a firm grip and a sense of an album in a fluid, ever-changing alternation between instrumental beauty and vocals with deliberately modest soul brilliance; a real gem of contemporary, groove-oriented, handmade soul, funk jazz with an international twist and a refreshing yet modest pop attitude. In the end THIS TIME sounds really charming, sympathetic, unselfish and simply cool! " Michael Arens,, 2018
The talented songwriter presents nine of her own compositions plus the mash-up from Everyday People and Freedom Jazzdance in a very soulful and intense way, her vocals complement the saxophone playing perfectly. THIS TIME sounds groovy with great attention to detail and very varied. Stephanie Lottermoser convinces with a remarkable and consistent album in her very own way. A real tip for spring season! Thomas Steinberg, NDR.Info, 2018
The sound of Paris and New York breathes equally here - so warm, groovy and unique sounds "This Time". Recorded in both world cities and produced by Steve Greenwell - who has worked with Joss Stone -, the saxophone and the voice of the Bavarian musician sound so light, vibrant and yet profound - a great musical treat. (about the album THIS TIME) Gala Kulturtipp, Gala 2/2018, 2018
Lottermoser saxophone is velvet and accurate. She transfers her fluid phrasing also to the vocals. Elegant jazz with soul, funk and pop elements. (about the album THIS TIME) Antonio Seidemann, tz, 2018
The title for her new album was chosen just right by saxophonist and singer Stephanie Lottermoser: „THIS TIME“. Because this time nothing will be in the way for an international breakthrough. Everything´s just perfect: outstanding compositions, gripping beats, sensitive texts, a great producer plus an excellent backing band. The ten songs on the album are stylistically setteld in the wide area between Jazz and Pop. Michael Fuchs-Gamböck, Jazzthetik Magazin, 2018
"(...) an outstandingly well-performing band and a fantastic Stephanie Lottermoser who fascinated with a versatile saxophone sound as well as with a very pleasantly warm, never intrusive and always beautiful sounding voice. She dances, she follows the sounds in her movements or anticipates them physically, the whole band is constantly searching for and presenting different expressions of sound (...) ". Bernhard Ledermann, Augsburger Allgemeine Zeitung, 2017
"Top class concerts." The highlights of this years jazz program were Stephanie Lottermoser (Paris Songbook), the Heavytones and the Orchestre National de Jazz." Tagblatt Luxembourg, Tagblatt Luxembourg, 2017
"Boundaries between genres are there to be crossed - this could be the slogan of young singer and saxophonist Stephanie Lottermoser, who takes elements of funk, soul and jazz into her own language. Not only the audience reacts, but also renowned producers. For her upcoming album she worked in the studio with US producer Steve Greenwell, who has also made records with other young stars like Joss Stone. More than enough reasons to get curious!",, 2017
"An absolute highlight, Stephanie Lottermoser is an exception in the jazz scene, she is young, pretty and talented. Above all you´re impressed by the incredible creativity and the joy for improvisation that she and her fellow musicians show on stage." Oliver Hofmann, WALDSEEer, 2016
"Silky smooth and exciting! Perfection and enthusiasm - Stephanie Lottermoser is not only a gifted instrumentalist, but also an expressive singer with a full and clear voice that reflects the melody of her instrument, its warmth, softness and elegance." Reinhold Radloff, Schwabmünchner Allgemeine, 2016
"Stephanie Lottermoser impresses with her musical class. A band that just spills with unrivaled vigor and creative diversity. " Vera Stiller, Schwäbische Zeitung, 2016
"Melodic beauty, lyrical intensity and hard groove. Convincing clarity, precise phrasing and a wonderful and beautiful sound. A thrilling saxophonist and jazz singer with a voice that sometimes sounds dreamy intense, sometimes concise and stirring up." Berthold Gallinat, Badische Zeitung, 2016
Summer soul jazz to revel, charm meets energy" Ralf Dombrowski, Süddeutsche Zeitung, 2016
"Stephanie Lottermoser - one of more and more women who strive for the top" Hans Hielscher, Spiegel Online, 2016
"Stephanie Lottermoser is able to convince her audience both singing and playing on the instrument with versatility and amazing musicality. As a singer of sensitive jazz ballads she can sound tender and longing, in next song she excites with powerful and thrilling saxophone playing." Süddeutsche Zeitung, Süddeutsche Zeitung, 2016
"A packed place and long-lasting applause for a great performance. Versatility and creativity in many genres from funk to folk, blues to pop are the strengths of this charismatic, versatile musician Stephanie Lottermoser." Sigrid Jahn, Echo Online, 2016
"Stephanie Lottermoser does not fit in any box, although she´s a master on the tenor saxophone. It would not be enough to call her a saxophonist and not to mention her values as a singer, songwriter, composer and arranger with an international reputation." Forum Kultur, Heppenheim, Forum Kultur, Heppenheim, 2016
"What attracts me so much is that a lot of different music influences come together in a very unique sound. Thanks to all the variations in the different tracks "Paris Songbook" is like a great surprise track. The motion, the dynamics, the renewal and the personal compositions all make this album a delicious round trip through music-land. A real recommendation!" Virginia Music,, 2015
" Saxophonist and singer Stephanie Lottermoser played with her ​​quartet on the open air stage at the Trave. Her music paraphrased the Jazz history less detailed, but it rather showed timeliness open and contemporary and surprised with a skilful balance between ambition and intelligent Easy-Listening. Since the whole affair also grooved with great virulence the numerous audience was quickly in the most beautiful mood. " Thorsten Hingst, Jazzpodium, 2015
" Bluesy, soulful folky funkjazz with a lot of groove . ( ... ) Singing and playing both have their very own expression for the front woman who acts between Chanteuse and mature instrumentalist. Talented . Intensive . " Christine Pierach, Passauer Neue Presse, 2015
If you like Grover Washington, Jr. and George Benson (and Fender Rhodes sounds!), you'll love this second album as a leader by German saxophonist, flutist and composer Stephanie Lottermoser. Specially such jazz-funk instrumental tracks as "Model Railroad Landscape" (nice Rhodes' contribution by François Faure), "Suddenly" (great Benson-esque guitar solo by Torsten Goods), "Get It" (a soul-jazz trip with organ sounds spiced by congas & tambourine), "Breeze" and the delightful "Coccinelle," on which she doubles tenor and flute. She sings, with a fragile voice a la Carla Bruni, on the more pop-oriented songs "Blues," "Pink," "The Day I Turned" and on the blues "I Hope That You Will Miss Me When I'm Gone" (in a duet with Torsten Goods, once again a great Benson disciple, flying beyond the blue horizon in a beautiful solo), "Somebody That I Used To Know" and "This Saturday." "Most of this album was written during a six month stay at the Cité International Des Arts in Paris between 2013 and 2014," Lottermoser explains in the booklet text. "It's not an album of French songs, but an album with my impressions, stories and memories of my time in that great city. I'm very thankful for that opportunity and all the things I experienced and learned and for the new friends I met!" Besides the eleven studio tracks, there are three bonus tracks recorded live at the Unterfahrt, Munich's top jazz club: "Step Ahead" (maybe Stephanie's best solo on the date, over an irresistible groove and with a nice wah-wah guitar contribution by Ferdinand Kirner), an alternate live verson of "Blues" and, surprise!, a touching bossa-tinged vocal reading of Charles Trenet's classic French hymn "Que Reste-t-il De Nos Amours," a song that João Gilberto also loves and recorded on his album with Clare Fischer. You did it again, Stephanie! Arnaldo De Souteiro,, 2015
"With Good Soul saxophonist and singer Stephanie Lottermoser takes you to the most beautiful way of moving, the Groove: Step in and step ahead (you must)! You make the first step with the wonderful sound of her funky saxophone. Hard, smoky, full. And it already snaps you forward, Ball-Change, oops, that's almost too fast! It slows down slightly, but it does not help, it snaps again: The Dance of an optimal urban summer-good mood from an 80s Michael Brecker! "Step Ahead", already kind of a hit, transports you into an album with titles such as "Prince of Scotland" and "Good Soul" in quartet and quintet versions where also references to the 70-Sound of Silver Horce or Tony Williams can be heard. A wide hipper Summer Main Tram, an exciting jazz Boulevard. "Chet" on the other hand is an extremely strong ballad in which you can hear well the gripping gentle sound of one of her great teachers: Don Menza. "Good Soul" is really very good stuff!" Michael Wüst, K-Magazin, 2014
"Saxophonist and singer Stephanie Lottermoser is not only one of the most talented, but also one oft he the most diligent young jazz musicians in Munich" Oliver Hochkeppel, Süddeutsche Zeitung, 2014
"Big applause from the audience for the sympathetic protagonists who show so much joy in their music. At the same time this formation is a band of four highly trained musicians who harmonize perfectly. (...) " Nabburg, KBW, 2013
"Good Soul" is not only an excellent album, it's also one of the most pleasant jazz albums I've heard in recent years. I've been listening to "Prince of Scotland," "Step Ahead," "Chet" and other tracks over and over again." Arnaldo DeSouteiro, Jazz Station Los Angeles, 2013
"Homogeneous expression and great dynamic balance (...). In her compositions and arrangements she concentrates on melodic, finely contoured lines and plays her instrument with a softly glowing, voluminous tone. Of course, the soloist also turns up impulsively, sometimes she plays in a way that sounds like juggling with melodic motives." Gabriele Schloth, Allgäuer Zeitung, 2013